Thursday, March 14, 2013

Circle Track Magazine

Love cars?  Always dreamed of driving a race car?  Enjoy watching car racing on TV? Then Circle Track Magazine offered through a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange, is for you.  It provides details and information on race cars; stock car racing; dirt track racing; sprint cars; custom race car parts and more.  It is self-described as “the no. 1 source for advanced racing technology” and has articles on chassis technical; drive train tech articles (tutorials to teach one, step-by-step how to perform many of the technical tweaks and tuning adjustments just like the pros); Car Racing Safety (how to make a super speedy pit stop; art of a racing tire setup and more); Custom Built Race Cars (understanding how to tune or build step from the beginning through the Circle Track Ultimate Racing); Young Racers Club; Tech Tips; Multimedia; Community Welcome to our online Circle Track Community where you can read blogs from the Circle Track staff, join interactive discussions in our car racing forums and more.  Circle Track Magazine offers everything you dreamed of about car racing…and then some.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boys Life

For all those boys who love the boy scouts, or even for men who remember their days spent as a scout and like to reminisce, Boys Life monthly magazine – offered through a great price by the National Magazine Exchange – has awesome projects for kids to do alone or with their dads who just want to be kids again.

It is published in two editions: the first being for 6-10 year old Tiger Clubs, Cub Scouts and first-year Webelos Scouts.  The second is more suitable for the older group – the 11 to 18 year olds that are second-year Webelow until 18-year old Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Ready to Eat

…With Bon Appetit!
The National Publishers Exchange is offering a great subscription deal on its Bon Appetit magazine.  Even if you are not accustomed to getting adventurous in the kitchen, this glossy is for you.  Find fun recipes; enjoy different foods and get lots of fun tips.  The most popular sections in the latest issue include: one bite appetizers; how to use siracha 25 different ways; “healthy” snacks that are actually full of sugar or fat; and more.   The magazine also contains tips on how to lose weight but still enjoy food.  For example, did you know that eating fat-free or low-fat grated cheese may be counterproductive?  What happens is, because it’s not as tasty, one tends to consume much more of it, thus piling on the pounds.  Thus it is better to go for the fuller-fat variety and eat less.  In addition, according to a recent Harvard study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine also found that full-fat dairy products, cheese included, may lower the risk of diabetes.  Also, instead of choosing what may seem like a great diet food but actually isn’t – veggie burgers – check out this issue’s alternative recipes on how to make rosemary Portobello burgers; or grilled Portobello burgers with piquillo pepper aioli and watercress.  When it comes to beverages, learn how to make cocktails; news on wine (orange wine!)  and 10 gluten-free beers that actually taste good.  All in all Bon Appetit is a magazine jam-packed with great food and beverage ideas.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blackbook Magazine

Blackbook magazine, offered through a subscription with the National Magazine Exchange, is the insider’s guide to style and culture.  Indeed, it: “has a spirited enthusiasm for urban life, and the ways in which fashion, pop culture, and politics intersect and sometimes collide. It still enjoys frolicking in the shallows as well as in the deep end. … never less than stimulating, provocative, and, best of all, entertaining..”

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens

Improve your environment with Better Homes and Gardens by signing up with the National Publishers Exchange.  Get new recipes all the time; find out the latest in decorating tips; see how to make entertaining easy; and learn how to cope with what can often be a stressful holiday season.  For those interested in health there are regular articles on: diabetes, weight loss, fitness, heart health, osteoporosis, allergies, and more.   Learn more about pets with subjects such as: pet adoption, pet projects, cat photos and more.   Decorating and home ideas cover: home improvement, kitchens, bathrooms, storage, style blog, etc.  And in the recipes section one will find everything from healthy recipes to delectable desserts, romantic meals for two and more.  There is so much on offer each month to keep readers coming back for more, continuously improving their personal space.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Atlantic Monthly

For the person who seems to be impossible to purchase a gift for, a National Magazine Exchange subscription to Atlantic Monthly could be the answer.  It covers news and views on business, culture, politics, technology and more.  In the latest Jan/Feb 2013 issue, subjects discussed included: How Wall Street could fail again; issues we don’t hear so much about on anesthesia; the negative effects for marriage of online dating; the ludicrous charm of Downton Abbey; and more.  Take a look inside of America’s banks and find the answer to the question of how Google made mapping personal.  There is so much for everyone; a subscription would make a great gift for anyone.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Arthritis Today

For anyone who has ever suffered from arthritis, or has watched someone deal with the condition, the magazine put out by Arthritis Foundation, called Arthritis Today is a must-read.  For those who want to subscribe to this resource of information, news, research, fitness and nutritional advice, the National Magazine Exchange offers a very reasonable deal.  Some of the recent topics covered include: Biosimilars: The Wait Continues; a drug guide on biologics and what glove is best suited for your arthritic issues.  As well, a doctor specializing in the condition gives tips on what one’s goals should be for 2013, as well as how guided imagery can help ease some arthritic symptoms.